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Im more of a movie nerd than I am about every other nerdy thing Im nerdy about. I think I love it more than any other creative medium that exists. When movies are good, its just an amazing thing. 2014 was a great year for film. The only films that I havent seen that I really want to see were:Whiplash, Foxcatcher, WILD, and Big Eyes. Im sure those 4 would be on my list somewhere though. And as always this is just my opinion, but I do think these are worth checking out. 

10. Captain America 2 - Finally, I got the Marvel studio film that I wanted for so long. Im not a big fan of these movies, I’m really not. They play too much for inorganic comedy and rather go for a laugh than be anything more (I’m looking at you Iron Man 3 and your BS twist) And then this movie happened and I couldn’t be happier to being wrong. Finally, a Marvel studios movie since the first iron man, that plays it straight and can bring in some comedic timing when needed. Finally. 

9. Nightcrawler - Jake Gyllenhaal was amazing in this. And thats about all you really need to know. Its not an amazing movie, but its good enough.

8. The Grand Budapest Hotel Hands down my favorite Wes Anderson film. Everyone in this was great, it was hilarious, brilliantly shot as always. 

7. Guardians of the Galaxy - The comedy in this is incredibly organic. Thats the number one biggest positive I can give this movie over everything else thats good in it (and there are a ton of good things) but like I said with Cap 2, the comedy is rampant throughout but it all works, it all feels like it should be there. Its not Hulk punching Thor for no reason for the sake of just getting a laugh. And these characters are so amazing, and so interesting. I love them all more than any of the characters in the previous MS films. So much you can do with them. Could not be more excited for its sequel. 

6. The Lego Movie - This movie is so damn creative. From its story to its characters. And its also just damn hilarious. 

5. Edge of Tomorrow - This was a rad year for sci-fi. The most underrated, underappreciated movie of the year. Its this years DREDD aka, its so amazing and nobody saw it. I hope word of mouth draws more people to it because oh man this movie is so damn good. Groundhog day with aliens. And Tom Cruise is amazing in this. Over every movie on this list I would say this one is the one you should support by buying the dvd. We need more movies like this.  

4. X-men Days of Future Past - By far the best superhero movie I’ve seen this year. Its not even a contest for me. This is my favorite superhero movie after The Dark Knight Trilogy. It reboots a franchise without rebooting it, and its just a really great story that can only be done with the x-men. Im so happy that Bryan Singer stepped his game up big time for this thing. This is honestly probably the most well balanced X-men movie with all the main players that we will ever get. Out of all the movies Ive seen this year, this is probably the one Im the happiest to have seen. 

3. Gone Girl - I love movies with good twists and this one had like 5. Its just a really screwed up story and its just amazing. Ben Affleck is great in this, Rosamond Pyke is just unbelieveable in this, and even Tyler Perry, is great, in a movie, for once. I dunno if this is my favorite Fincher film, but its WAY up there. 

2. Interstellar - Christopher Nolan’s biggest and most ambitious movie by no contest. Dark Knight Rises for me is just under that. And like Dark Knight Rises, if you’re willing to be on board with what this movie is doing and willing to let it tell its story to you, you will probably love it. If you go into it with unrealistic expectations and get mad when it goes in directions you didn’t think it would, then you’ll probably just pass it off as being dumb. Interstellar is one of the best moving pieces of art I’ve ever seen. Holy shit, this movie is just damn amazing. Its the 2001 A Space Oddyssey of the new generation. The movie isn’t perfect, but as always with Nolan, the good things outweigh the flaws. And my god, paying attention to this movie is so rewarding. Ive seen it 2 times and love it more and more. Its GOOD science FICTION. I dont understand why people want this movie to be real life when movies just cant be real. Go into it wanting to watch some good fiction on a screen. Interstellar is just a triumph I cant speak any higher of it. 

1. Birdman - Best Michael Keaton performance, best Directing of any movie, Best performances of Emma Stone and Ed Norton, best screenplay, best use of Zach Galifianakis, one of the best stylistic uses of cinematography probably of all time on film, delivers the best knock in the face to people who only like shit blowing up in movies and dont understand how to critique something, and is nearly a perfect movie and I’VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT. One of the Best movies I have personally ever seen in my life. 

In a perfect world, Birdman would sweep the oscars and win best picture. 

Thats it! 2015 will be crazy. Star Wars and whatnot. I hope its as good as this year was. Some honorable mentions: Rise of the Planet of The Apes, BIG HERO 6, Noah, and Godzilla. All very good. 


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Ryan Barr is a student at The University of the Arts. He is a child of the 90’s and has drawn cartoons and comics for his entire life. Ryan hopes to be a professional cartoonist and illustrator when he graduates college. He likes to draw everything from comic book characters to movie characters. If you ask him, he will say his favorite character to draw is Batman.

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